SEO Tips To Skyrocket Your Rankings On Search Engines

The past decade has undergone evolution like no past time before. There have been some tremendous changes in the world of the internet. Now, this is a digital era and the world is all about social media. Why? After all, everyone is hanging on social media platforms these days. SEO marketing is a must!

Be Smart With Your Marketing

Logically, would you like to knock on a door that doesn’t respond? The answer is obvious, No. This is a fact that you need to be where your customers are, and they are on social media all the time.

But, you might agree that marketing is all about being visible, but there is a twist to that, you need to be visible just the right way. Yeah! You read it right, you need to shine bright in the eyes of your audience just like a star with the right SEO marketing services.

SEO Services Agency for Better Rankings

Believe it or not, only the right SEO services by a professional SEO services agency in the USA can level up the game of your rankings. They are effective in getting you to better marketing and higher sales and, and, and you know the rest.

SEO- The Need of Every Business

Simultaneously, turning your organic traffic into higher revenues can become challenging for businesses of every type, be it a start-up, a small business, or a giant enterprise, getting higher revenues is the main goal.

So, here comes a concern, how to drive traffic to the highest revenues possible?

We would say that search engine optimization services from Media One Group have a track record to prove it. With these services, you get a chance to have a customized strategy with top-notch technology and the best SEO team.

Achieve Your Business Goal with SEO

The main idea is to drive people toward your site and make them buy your services or products. We work on improving the revenue drive for our valued clients. Our Digital Design and Development Agency promises all the services and technology for your business to grow with SEO.

More On Corporate SEO

On the other hand, as stated by Backlinko, the first result on Google gets 31.7 percent of all clicks—while results on the second page receive just .78 percent of clicks. So, be visible and get clicks.

Our SEO agency in California has been busy struggling to unveil the secrets of improving the Google rankings of businesses without getting penalized.

Every SEO agency wishes that there’s a shortcut that ranks their client’s site #1 without fail.

But, unfortunately, the truth is, Corporate SEO needs adaptability, persistence and to a point, creativity. These are the parameters needed specifically for the ever-changing Google algorithm.

Top the SERP With Our Tips

Here, in this blog, we are going to reveal some of the major steps you need to take to reach the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

These steps will help you get through some basic and latest SEO rules, we focus on optimizing for both humans and search algorithm bots to lead on-page and off-page SEO.

Here are the steps we will be focusing on in this guide:

  • Learn about the Google algorithm
  • Check your latest search ranking, it will let you know where you stand.
  • Track the metrics.
  • Make sure that your site is user-friendly
  • Fix your penalties
  • Keyword research is necessary
  • Focus your on-page SEO
  • Incorporate  keywords to produce relevant and good content

Learn about Google Algorithm

Google executives like Gary Illyes and John Mueller confirmed that Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, even though these changes aren’t given out to the public.

A well-known SEO software Moz approximates that there are more than 500 Google algorithm changes every year!

Google Algorithms are Secretive

As we all are aware that Google shares some major update announcements, but, the real game of the insights is ever-kept secretive. Most of the information related to Google’s algorithm is just observation from SEO services providers.

Be part of Google’s Mission

But, you might be wondering now why Google keeps changing its algorithm. The reason is simple, if everyone gets to know how to rank in the first place without penalties, Google would fail in ranking the best results only. So, jumping to the top without putting in the work is impossible now. As we know that;

The core mission of Google is to assemble the world’s best information and make it usable and approachable to the whole world.

Some Major Algorithm Updates

But, it is not like Google is not helping people to get to know the ranking trends, it is just that, everything is not revealed by Google. It produces some major algorithm updates from time to time. For instance, let us give you some of the updates such as:

  • Page Experience Update (June 2021): This update affected Core Web Vitals, News alerts, and organic results.
  • Core Update (December 2020): This update emphasized on focussing content quality and its relevance.
  • Mobile-first update (July 2019): Googlebot has adapted itself to look at all sites as a smartphone user, preferring websites that perform better on mobile devices too.
  • Mobile-friendly update (April 2015): this update was about Google preferring websites with mobile-friendliness.

Now, here comes a concern about how are you supposed to keep track of all these Google updates.

There are some useful resources to get your hands on. A great database named Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History is useful in organizing the updates. Further, you can check out Google Webmaster Central also or you can seek SEO services providers.

Now let’s jump to other steps;

Check your Latest Search Ranking

It is important for you to know how you are doing, in short, you should know your ranking even if you are a new site. Luckily, there are many useful tools out there to help you with assessing your Google rankings.

Ubersuggest is useful in Checking Your Site’s Keyword Rank

In case you have been trying to target specific keywords in your content, Ubersuggest comes in handy for you to check out your ranking.

Assess Your Site Speed

Your site speed matters a lot, if it takes too much time, you will get higher bounce rates with lower dwell times. This means, all your efforts will get down the bin, in case your site is taking too much time and visitors will leave even before going through it. If you want to rank higher on Google, then it is a step you must take.

Your Site Speed Can Make You A Flop

Let’s take the example of Walmart, it had a sharp decline in its conversions just because of higher loading times.

If the speed is less, your on-page SEO, meta description, and other things will not be useful. The search algorithm will never let you rank no matter what you do with such a snail-like speed.

We would suggest that you never underestimate the power of the site speed to check on how to improve your Google rankings. Many useful tools can be very helpful for you in checking your site speed. Some of them we suggested below:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • WebPageTest
  • YSlow browser extension (for Yahoo)
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test

Similarly, it is important to check the page loading time, too. Quick Sprout is performing well at a loading time of 1.89 seconds. Your goal should be 2 seconds or less for an absolute fast site and it should be less than 1 second for mobile devices.

Keep in mind that a higher loading time like more than a few seconds can significantly decrease your site traffic.

Check Your Site’s Health

Your site’s health check is necessary

It is essential to check the overall health of your website before optimizing it. You might experience a drop in your organic traffic after being consistent over some months or even years. Why is this so?

You might be wondering why Google might have deindexed your website, to resolve this concern, there are many useful tools to help you put this puzzle together. You can try the MxToolBox Domain Health Report tool, this tool detects the major problems in the following stages:

  • General site issues
  • Blacklisting by blocking the site
  • Mail server
  • Web server
  • And DNS

Just click on these categories and you will get to know the errors and cautions. This report can help you work on your errors step by step.

In case you want to find out whether you have been penalized by any of the major algorithm updates, visit FE International’s Website Penalty Indicator tool.

This indicator will provide you with a graph that indicates the traffic to your website about major Google updates. This way, you can easily find out if any update by Google had an impact on your site directly.

Furthermore, you can log in to Google Search Console and search for the report on “Security & Manual Actions”. This report will show you whether the Google Search Console has taken an action against your website or not. If it detects no issues, then you are good to go.

Track the SEO Metrics


seo metrics


Your next move should be checking for vital metrics, to see what other parameters you should be improving in your site. Here we are going to give you some of the major metrics that you should be assessing;

Assess your Organic Traffic

It is extremely important to see how your visitors get to find your website via Google. Now, social media, email and paid ad campaigns often help in driving your organic traffic. But, you can not rely on them completely because it varies from one industry to another.

To add more, if you want to know the number of visitors reaching your website, you should log in to Google Analytics and find out the acquisition channels report.

Organic Traffic Redevelopment

Analyzing your search traffic is a step that will ultimately lead you to pay some attention to the keywords you used on your site because that is the reason your visitors are knocking on your door. For doing so, use Google Search Console to see how many clicks you achieved for specific keywords in your organic search results.

Keyword Ranking For Versatile Keywords

Moreover, Focus, focus, and keep focusing on the research of versatile keywords, it is worth it when you will be winning the rankings by these keys. Commercial keywords are the keywords that are useful in driving revenues. You should create a good fusion of informational and commercial keywords to win the race of Google rankings.

To put it simply, if you use all the informational keywords, it will be useful in generating organic traffic and it might get challenging for you to convert your visitors to real buyers.

In contrast to this, if you use versatile keywords that focus on user intent like:

  • Best weight loss products
  • Top 5 web hosting providers
  • Web designers in California

You can easily turn these visitors into buyers because of the fact that they are searching for a solution that they can rely on and ultimately buy.

If you are running e-commerce services, you should be knowing well that versatile keywords are useful for better conversions.

Your Site should be Mobile-Friendly

There is a need to mention that mobile users make up more than half of the website traffic. It simplifies the fact that if you want to earn greater rankings, your site should be performing well on mobile devices too.

As we know, some algorithm changes remain opaque. On January 10, 2017, the Google Webmaster Blog said:

“Starting today, pages, where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results, may not rank as high”.

To add more, in 2020, Google got to “mobile-first indexing” which means that Google sees websites as mobile devices. So, make your website easier to navigate, otherwise, your ranking will be badly impacted.

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test





Fortunately, it has become easier now to check out where your rankings are leading. For this purpose, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to swiftly determine whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. it might be on its way to Penaltyhouse. Be mindful!

Reliable Results

All you need to do is type in your URL and click on “RUN TEST.”

The results are crystal clear, you will get a yes or no response as well as a list of the pages facing loading issues. This is a useful way to fix and optimize for making sure your site is running well on mobile devices.

If you get to see redirection errors and other pages and robots.txt blocked the Googlebot from crawling your page. You should fix it in the minimum time possible.

Simultaneously, if your site is not a mobile-friendly one, you should be turning it into a mobile-philic one.

Points to turn your Site Mobile-Friendly

Here are some simple tips that you can use to turn your site into a mobile-philic one.

Get a quick fix by services such as Mobify or Duda Mobile.

  • Ensure your CTAs and form fields use big, easy-to-tap buttons.
  • Popups that are impossible to close are a total turn-off for people. So, don’t do it. And definitely  Yes, pop-ups improve conversions, but they can also be too much irritating to users.

Mobile and Local SEO: A long term SEO Friendship

Nobody can deny the fact that mobile and local searches are connected to each other. 

Google serves hyper-local search, making a strong bond between consumers and brands as quick as a flash.

Claim your Business Listing Efficiently





This is the reason why you should make sure in every possible way that your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and out and out. Such profiles can be a deciding point for an individual who is looking for something in your area, so you should be claiming and updating your business listing efficiently and early.

Fix Your Current Google Penalties

It is essential to understand that your promotions and link-building are of no use to an unhealthy site. Before moving further, we want to discuss a few factors that could get you a Google penalty.

Link Building has Changed

Bad links can greatly hurt your website. Choose bad linking and here you go to get a Google penalty sooner or later. So, this is the reason why you should be generating your site links smartly and efficiently.

Now Analyze Your Links

There are many link analysis tools you can use to analyze your links

  • Majestic
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • SEOprofiler
  • WebMeUp
  • Ubersuggest

More on this, you should be careful in finding out which links can turn out to be harmful to your site, this way you can remove those links. Harmful links include:

  • Links coming from PR-n/a or PR0 websites
  • Are sitewide links
  • Coming from sites on the same IP class address
  • Coming from web pages with a lot of external links
  • Are from referring to domain names with little traffic

And, at this point, we are going to suggest some free tools that are very helpful in detecting your harmful links. Monitor Backlinks and Linkquidator are pretty handy.

Cleanse Your Link Profile to prevent a Google Penalty

Over-Optimization is a Bad Idea

Over-usage of anchor texts can result in over-optimization of your site and you can get penalized. Geoff Kenyon suggested a percentage for anchor text distribution.

You can follow the guidelines we are giving you below. By this, you can avoid over-optimization of anchor text.

Do Not Use Too Much Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

In case, you want to link your internal pages on a topic, such as, “marketing strategies”, avoid using that same keyword phrase as your anchor text also. Rather than this, you can use something like. “ top marketing strategies”, or you can use a fusion of a generic plus the exact keyword. Versatility is the game.

Do not use Irrelevant Links

Irrelevancy is a crime, it kills everything. What is the point of using the best marketing tactics for your development site? It doesn’t make sense to boost Google rankings and it could lead to a Google penalty.

Strong Keyword Research Improves Google Rankings

After getting rid of unnatural links, it’s time to enhance your on-page SEO.

One of the most effective ways is to have strong keyword research. If you have no clue how it works, you are not getting anywhere. So, it is a good idea to learn this.

Know How Your Audience Finds Your Site

To be noticed, you need to be visible, and keywords are responsible for your visibility. Your audience can find you easily by navigating through some effective keywords.

You should use both informational and transactional keywords in your content to improve your site’s Google rankings.

Check On Your Competitors’ Keywords

If your competitors are shining bright and getting Google rankings better than you, it’s time to spy on them. In fact, the Google search engine is in love with them, you can copy their strategies.

We suggest using Google Keyword Planner for spying on competitors because it gives an estimate of competitors’ keyword targets.



Boost Google Ranking With On-Page SEO

When you know which keywords you are going to target, you have got the best tools with you to make some worthy on-page SEO changes.

Let’s discuss some of the few key considerations.

Optimize your Title Tags

Title tags or meta titles play a huge part in determining your site performance. All you need is to make sure that your meta title should be descriptive and should be rich in your target keywords.

  • But, you should not use the same keywords and meta titles again and again. It might dissolve your opportunities for ranking.
  • Some more title tag optimization tips are:
  • Utilize pipes ( | ) and dashes ( – ) between your meta title terms to increase your real estate.
  • You should not use ALL CAPS titles. They’re just unpleasant.
  • Do not use default title tags like “Home.” They trip Google into sensing you copy-pasted content.
  • Prioritize putting the most important and distinctive keywords in the content first.
  • Avoid overstuffing your keywords, they play a great role in ruining user experience plus Google prefers relevant values and natural content to overstuffed keyword sentences.

Be mindful of the fact that Google shows almost 60 characters on a SERP, it is better to follow the character count but in some cases, a title having more than 60 characters might be more suitable for the page content. At the end of the day, using your brain is always a good idea.

Moreover, desktop snippet titles are restricted by pixel width, while mobile display titles are longer.

Make Use of Schema Markup

Schema markup can be considered as extra “tags” on information that conveys to Google what your content intends to inform. For instance, Media one Group’s name appears on a blog, so Google will do is, it will display our name in a SERP description.

Let’s say, if we use the right schema in the blog’s HTML, we can show Google that we are the producers of the blog in a sea of so many blogs.

Schema markup is so helpful in making Google understand your website, it adds up markedly to attract higher traffic to your site.

To add more, Schema is a great help in terms of providing the audience with relevant information in an appreciative approach.

It is Essential to Create A Sitemap

To improve your Google rankings, creating a sitemap is essential for letting search engines know about your site’s content. By doing so, when Googlebot starts reading the file, it will be easier for it to crawl through your content. In short, create content intelligently with good readability to rank on SERPs.

Sitemaps also Provide Metadata

Furthermore, sitemaps are also useful in providing metadata about your site pages like when they were updated the last time. It is also indicative of your probability of making changes to your site pages. It also shows how one page of your site is related to other pages of your website.

Reliable Sitemap Generator

In the same way, you can use, which is a good sitemap generator. In case you are a WordPress user, you can have many sitemap generator plugins from there.

Integration of Keywords to Produce Better Content

It is sad to say that there are a great number of people who misunderstand the logic behind using keywords and their research. 

It is safe to safe, you should use informational keywords, this way you can enhance your search ranking. Great, informative, and relevant content enriched with meta titles and meta description is always a good idea to rely on.

During this whole process babbling fans, they share your content on social media platforms without you making any effort and assemble links that are high-authority organically. Voila! What more you can ask for?

If you want to write resourceful and detailed content, follow the guide below:

Use Data-Driven Articles

As reported by ConversionXL, a data-driven approach can increase your traffic.

State facts with exact data so that people perceive your content as authentic and share it on social media platforms helping you expand your organic reach. 

Here are some of the resources that help back up your content with correct data:

  • Hubspot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics
  • 38 Content Marketing Stats That Every Marketer Needs to Know
  • 126 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts
  • 100+ Fascinating Social Media Facts and Stats [Infographic]
  • Statistics: Release Calendar

It is always a better idea to include fresher stats — less than three years old is perfect.

Use Storytelling Format

Stories are the best way to convey your messages and concepts to the audience by evoking emotions and stirring up some feelings, it will ultimately improve your conversion rate.

Write Catchy Headlines

So far there have been a lot of changes made by Google but one thing remained intact and that is: the headline.

Never underestimate the power of writing a catchy headline for your post, nothing can stop it from getting clicked, read, and shared by your audiences.

Dump Duplicate Content

You can use tools like Copyscape, SiteLiner, and Screaming Frog to make sure that you are not a part of duplicating anything. Get a strong check that you’re not repeating yourself.


With a final word, we will wrap up this blog with a final note, your SEO plays a huge role in booming your Google rankings. All you need is to follow these tips and experience remarkable results. Your SEO should be one in a way that you can have all the perks of its optimization by resonating with the right audience, being reactive, being approachable, and always meeting the expectations of clients by providing the best products and services.

Additionally, you can execute these SEO tips that we have suggested in this blog with the right SEO service providers by a great SEO services agency.

The Corporate SEO services

Moreover, by having corporate SEO services, you can improve your website so that search engines like Google can show your brand or business in users’ search results.

Let the experts like us handle your SEO.


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