The purpose of National Techies Day on October 3rd is about encouraging students from all over the world to opt for a career in technology. This progressing field has so much to offer with long-lasting choices and opportunities.

How did it get started?

It started in 2012, #NationalTechiesDay when Engine Advocacy authorized a report by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute in California. The report suggested that there are four jobs for each high-tech job. Simplifying the fact that, individuals opting to make a career in this field are going to enjoy all the perks. Furthermore, it is a major boost created by a single industry.

More Possibilities With Technology

It is estimated that, by the year 2030, the technology sector will show a high progression while the other job sectors will likely see doom.

The future of jobs is evolving day by day. It is not constant, but there is only one thing that is likely to stay consistent, and that is technology.

To add more, technology related to healthcare services and products will progress to grow by 48%.

Alert Your Tech Senses

Even, many pieces of research and studies have shown that technology will be taken to a next level by surgeons and the medical industry. Keeping it in mind, these healthcare practitioners and the medical industry will be in dire need of software specialists or experts in terms of maintaining the equipment as well as training the medical personnel.

Brightest Future With Tech

Similarly, manufacturing upgrades technology every single day. Moreover, if we talk about the automotive industry, technology experts can seek their careers in this industry easily. Since specialization of technology is the demand of every industry and we need more and more technology-qualified professionals and experts in terms of bridging the gap between the industries and technology.

20th Century, A Boom for Technology

If we see our past, the term “technology” is derived from the Greek word ‘technē’ (meaning ‘arts/craft’) and ‘logos’ (meaning ‘words’).

In the 20th century, technology saw innovation and later, it was used for various applied science projects, which followed with ideas and processes.

Technology Advances Advertisement

Software development is progressing every day. Indeed, if we figure out the impact of technology on security, manufacturing, and production, environmental solutions all over the world, our future is connected to technology. In fact, the future demands advancements in technology.

“The technology students are demanded to be highly skilled and professional technology-savvy personnel of the future.”

Pay attention to the fact that National Techies Day falls during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The credit for software development and maintaining our computers and devices goes to these techies. To simplify, they secure and protect our devices.

To add more, in the field of infotainment, metaverse technology is contributing greatly to the technological boom. Let’s dive into metaverse technology:

Metaverse Technology And Future Potential

Virtual Reality (VR) is one one the most amazing contributions to the technological world. Undoubtedly, the metaverse has proved to be the most highlighted emerging technology trend of this era. And, this day encourages more and more people to learn about it and take its experience to next level.

The perfect fusion of immersive 3D digital experience and multiple virtual and physical worlds promises the best metaverse. Many major brands like Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia, and Decentraland have used metaverse technology over the last couple of years.

“The future world is in dire need of Metaverse technology”

Celebrate National Techies Day

You may observe national techies day in various ways. There are many ways to be a part of this celebration:

  • Inspire someone to learn more about technology.
  • Encourage people to show interest in technology.
  • Make it simple and comprehensible.
  • Keep learning about the upgraded technology.
  • Use #NationalTechiesDay to post on social media.

The History of National Techies Day

This day was first created by CNT Networks (Computer Networking Technology)and It was first observed in the year 1999.

Are You Wondering What is CNT?

CNT is an organization specializing in storage network solutions. In addition to this, is a job website, that bridges the gap between the candidates seeking jobs in the technological sector. 

As discussed, the need for technology employees is growing rapidly with each coming day, and requirement of advanced technical skills is increasing all over the world. Furthermore, in schools, kids are encouraged to embrace a career and learn about technology and computer science.


To wrap it up with a final note, this era and all coming eras are demanding technology experts and professionals in terms of fulfilling the needs of every sector in the world. Finally, there will be so many job opportunities for people seeking careers in technology. The celebration and observation of this day are all about encouraging individuals to learn about technological advancements and growth.

To add more, if you have a spark and want to learn about technology, go for it without further delay because this decision can make you go far with the brightest future ahead! Good luck!



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