8 Creative Christmas Campaigns Ideas for B2B Organizations to Increase Sales

Christmas is just around the corner and if you hadn’t already decided on the Christmas sale, you must now. And why just a discount offer? Take your marketing effort to another level this holiday season. Frankly speaking, it is not at all difficult. You just need to read this article thoroughly and add a touch of your creativity to the suggested campaign ideas and tada, you have a successful marketing campaign ready!

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Don’t Take Email Campaign Lightly

Emails are a traditional yet effective tool which is why 93% of the marketers use this channel to create Christmas theme marketing campaign. While you can leverage emails on various occasions, Christmas time has its own perks because people are overfilled with joy and are in the mood to spend. Therefore, notifying prospects about Christmas offers a great way to acknowledge the festival and bring leads. 

Moreover, B2B Christmas email campaigns require no significant budget but a creative mind for which you can hire a digital marketing agency or a freelance writer and designer. And remember that human connection is the key! So, make sure  that you are treating the prospects as human and not lead because no one gets interested in reading emails that are offering just products. 

Monetize Holiday Keywords

Inexperienced marketers overlook this lucrative idea of increasing sales. Most of them get slow during the holidays and work on creating strategies for the new year. Why don’t you use their hibernation to your benefit? Speaking from experience, people search for gifts in the holiday season. Even the B2B businesses are on the lookout for Christmas sales to get gifts for their employees, clients, and vendors. So, it is wise to target holiday keywords for marketing campaigns on Christmas.

Online Contests are the Best Engagement Weapon

Aren’t they?

Online contests that offer useful giveaways to the participants and winners go a long way. They attract the audience to your brand, enhance engagement, and make you a star overnight. Here you have a great opportunity to bring your brand to the top of customers’ minds by printing your logo and brand name on the promotional giveaways

Contests also encourage people to spread word of mouth about your brand which is the best way of building credibility for a brand.

How can you Forget Social Media?

No offence but do you think boring Christmas wishes filled with social media posts are enough to engage customers with your brand? We understand that being a B2B company you find it challenging to add human touch to your regular posts. That said, festivals are your chance to take your engagement to another level. As discussed above, online contests are an effective way to enhance engagement. You can use social media platforms to first create hype about upcoming contests and then during the contest you have whole ground to play on. Additionally, you can also share the fun videos of Christmas celebrations and involve your employees in social media activities. For instance, you can add individual videos of some 4 to 5 employees sharing their thoughts on Christmas and somehow, throwing some light on their experience at your firm. Keep in mind that advocacy is above all other efforts you put in a marketing campaign.

Add Festivity on your Website

No matter if you are a B2B or B2C business, you must know that the website is the most critical part of your marketing strategy. Even if you don’t want to go crazy with the campaign you must at least give your homepage banner a cheer of Christmas sale. There is not much you need to do to update the banner as per the festive theme you can download a free banner from tools like Freepik, Envato, and Pixabay. You can also get designing services from a digital marketing company like Media One Group

Maintain your Presence Post-Christmas

When you are done prepping for the Christmas sale, you must not rest peacefully because now you have to start working on the post Christmas sale. The holiday season is still not over and people are having much free time. They spent most of their free time relaxing and scrolling Instagram and Facebook which highly influence their purchase decisions. So, it is the best time for you to invest a bit in the post Christmas ad campaigns. 

Engage People in Cliche-Free Content

You are well aware of the importance of content in the search engines world. Right? Are you aware that relevance is the most critical element in building your website’s credibility. Google, and other search engines, prefer websites that have relevant content in addition to being informational, authoritative, and authentic. 

Considering the content relevance, you must know that content crafted for festivals adds a great deal to it. Therefore, B2B firms should incorporate 4 to 5 blog posts into their marketing campaign for Christmas. However, choose the topics wisely, i.e., your piece must highlight customers’ pain points and provide practical solutions. 

Give Back to the Planet

Although there is no specific time to return to the world that has given you so much, festivals are the times when companies actively work for the greater good. Not only it benefits others, festive donations enhance your reputation and likeability among the customers. Donating money or some valuable item is one way showing you a sense of corporate social responsibility. B2B companies can also cease their regular operations for a day and involve their employees in other CSR activities. Click pictures of your employees working on the assigned project and share on social media platforms. Another strategy could be encouraging customers to donate. You can create a B2B Christmas email campaign where you will ask people to click on the link and let them know that for every click you will be adding dollars to the charity amount.

Note: Make sure to explain the reason you chose to work on a particular cause, beside other details. It will create a sense of trustworthiness among the audience.

Parting Words

That’s all from our side. Now it is time for some action. You can apply all or some of the above mentioned ideas in your marketing campaign for Christmas. However, a last piece of advice is to be consistent with your effort and follow the theme on all the marketing channels.


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