9 Prevailing Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Business

Working towards your goals requires much more than just hard work. People start a business without calculating what it takes for a successful small business. Ironically, by the time they understand the dream vs. reality, it’s already too late. And they are left with a bunch of lessons that failure had taught them. The problem is not the short-lived accomplishment but the reasons that led to it. These mistakes are so small that one can easily avoid them and give a fledgling business the very best kick-off. This guide will point out the 8 most common mistakes that most failed entrepreneurs make. 

Not Doing What They are Good at

Passion vs skill

People usually prefer doing what they love to do and not what they are good at. When you pursue your passion it gives you a feeling of fulfillment but that does not always guarantee the success of a small business. On the other hand, expertise brings the accomplishment of goals. You may not find it very interesting but it will make you a whole lot more bucks than you think. 

Thinking of yourself as the Jack of All Traits

No, you are not!

And even if you are, your business functions need not a mediocre but experts for smooth operations. So, always seek the help of professionals for anything you are not a specialist in. For instance, you might be a pro planner ad marketer but what about bookkeeping, legal affairs, and vendor dealing? Can you manage all alone when starting a business? 

People are usually reluctant because they feel ashamed to ask for help. Whereas they must keep their small business strategies above their ego and make decisions towards the betterment of their newly born venture. Moreover, lack of finances is another reason for not hiring experienced people. But what they must do is keep a separate budget for this purpose because it will double the returns.

Having Vague Business Goals

Sometimes the business idea is so pleasing that the entrepreneur wants to start it right away. And although our grand maa had always taught us not to be restless, we reflect this trait more than anything else. And as she used to say we will face problems for being impatient, we do. Every single time! What needs to be done when starting a business is defining your business vision, mission, goals, and objectives. And these goals must not be random but built on the SMART strategy. 

Fear of Failure Makes you Loose Even Before Starting

The one who fears failure fails before even starting to play. Highlight it as the biggest mistake out of all the mistakes. The attitude towards failure should be such that even if it is your small venture’s destiny, it will leave you with a lot of learning. And to mitigate the fear you must start working to prevent it with a backup plan. 

Insufficient Information about Target Audience

know your customer

“When you know who your customers are, how they behave, and why they behave the way they do, you’ll be able to serve them in a way that meets their needs.”. Adrienne Barnes

Some business people do just the opposite of it. And understandably, the results are also the opposite and they suffer a great loss of resources. 

Even businesses that take pride in their product and services must have complete information about their buyers because anything that people are not ready to buy is useless for the targeted market.

Mismanagement of Funds

mismanagement of funds

There are multiple reasons for funds mismanagement like underestimating the expenses at the time of budgeting, purchasing long-term assets with operating cash, and not having separate accounts for business and personal use. 

The first problem can be resolved by performing in-depth research on the idea and placing a fine estimate before starting your business. Assets like equipment and machinery can be purchased using a loan that has an installment period matching the lifespan of the asset. Finally, always keep your accounts separate and never use business cash for personal expenses.

Not Working Out Small Business Marketing Strategies

marketing strategy

Without effective presentation, even the best products fail!

If you are planning to follow, the “build it and they will come” approach, we suggest you drop the idea. Immediately.


It is because in this digital age you cannot survive without harnessing marketing potential. If your budget is low, you can begin with online marketing which conveys your message to a huge audience with minimum expense. You can go all organic or run ads that are not too expensive to afford. You can even hire a digital design and development agency to create social media posts. 

Lack Selling Skills

Even if you offer the best product or service available, you won’t succeed if you can’t persuade people of this. In order to expand your firm, you must be able to deliver your ideas persuasively and with wit. Consider joining a club to learn a public speaking course if this aspect of running a business makes you uneasy.

Lack of Consistency

lack of consistency

Don’t start that you do not intend to finish. This line applies to every aspect of your personal and professional life. If you are inconsistent in nature, business is not your thing. Well, that does not mean you are a lost cause because uniformity can be learned. Although adding this trait to your personality is quite a job, you can become disciplined through practice. However, avoid taking any significant step before you are at least halfway through becoming a consistent individual.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Business

Initiating a business might be scary because working for yourself offers freedom, but it also carries a great deal of responsibility. Entrepreneurs can easily lose their drive, perseverance, and will to succeed, but staying informed and aware of the needs of your industry and target market will help you stay competitive.

If starting a business is in your near future, realize that it is a process rather than an immediate event. The chances of your new business prospering will be much increased if you take the time to perform the planning and research, as well as avoid the blunders in the business described above.


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