5 outstanding facts about using video animation in your marketing

“Just like us, Google’s algorithms are in love with video animation”

Animated videos add spice to the marketing like nothing. Video sales letters, explainer videos, and other media play a significant role in terms of conveying complex messages into a simpler and easy-to-understand version.

Don’t you agree? Unsure about using animation for expanding your business? Here you go, in this blog, you are going to read about 5 outstanding facts about using video animation in your business marketing. Boom, you are already in for a video animation ad. Our Digital Design and Development Agency can level up the game of your marketing and boost your sales.

“You imagine, we animate”

Video Animation Brings Ideas to Life

Video animation is all about customization and creativity. Animations give flexibility and space to play around with ideas that resonate well with the target audience. You can bring life to any story or message in the most amazing way. In comparison to live action, you do not need to set up expensive sets and special effects.

“A professional digital design and development agency taking animation to the next level”

Animations have so much going on visually that even words do not matter. No matter what age or what country or even what language, people love and prefer video animations. Look at the mad popularity of animations like Rick and Morty, Family Guy, and The Simpsons to see how cherished the medium of video animation is.

Animations are Loved Universally

Animations have so much going on visually that even words do not matter. No matter what age or what country or even what language, people love and prefer video animations. Look at the mad popularity of animations like Rick and Morty, Family Guy, and The Simpsons to see how cherished the medium of video animation is.

Explain Complex Ideas Flawlessly



There is no topic that is off-limits when it comes to video animation. This flexibility also means animation is the queen when it comes to explaining complex ideas or philosophical topics that would be very difficult to explain using live action.

“Be it video animation of your services or products or anything that you want to convey to your audience. You can easily demonstrate truly”

Stir Emotions with Video Animation Marketing Services

Animation stirs em options in your message like no other medium. You can fuse emotions with storytelling and voila it can turn out to be the best viral recipe that people can go crazy about. Video animation is a game of creating strong characters and description that engages the audience to their core. 

A Perfect Fusion

The blend of sound, visuals, and story is perfect to resonate with the audience. Use this blend wisely by having our video animation marketing services.

Are you wondering how it can level up the game of your marketing? 

The answer is simple, animation can prove to be the best tool for businesses of every type and size to engage with the target and potential audience on the deeper and most effective level.

Say It All with Explainer Videos

These are small videos used for online marketing for the purpose of explaining the services and products of your company. These are best used on the landing pages of websites or any other prominent pages. Explainer videos have seen a boom, and smart digital design and development agencies use them to boost the conversion rates of their clients.

Augmented Conversions with Video Animation Marketing

Stats have proved many many times that using a video animation marketing strategy on the landing pages of your professional website can boost conversions by 86%. Woohoo! What more you can ask for your business?

Choosing the right video animation marketing services can outshine other forms of videos when we talk about engaging the audiences with the utmost thrill. This accounts for the fact that video animations offer an outstanding rate of conversion, some of the top most conversions have been observed among content forms in marketing.

Pocket Friendliness with Video Animation

Video animation looks expensive, umm too expensive… Right? The truth is, despite what it looks like, modern video animation is budget friendly and surprisingly gets tailored according to any budget. The credit goes to the advancements in the world of digital technology, you can easily produce video animation quickly, and within budget without having to compromise on the quality.

“What are you waiting for? Use video animation marketing tactics and be a marketing pro”

Boost SEO with Video Animation




“Google is head over heels in love with animated videos”

As we know people of every generation and preference love animated content like no other. Additionally and luckily, Google is also in love with animated videos.

Moreover, adding animated videos on your site can uplift the game of your marketing by boosting your SEO and hence, visibility. It greatly helps your site to rank higher in Google and other Search engine searches.

“Acquiring an engaging video animation means higher time for users on your page”

Yes! you read it right, learn to present the most engaging video animation content and people will stick to your page like glue, busy watching the content. This increases the time they spend on your site and hence Google will look for your page on its search engine. 

Studies have shown that search results that add a great video thumbnail can escalate search traffic.

Shine Bright With Video Animation

First, it is a fact that the world of the internet is oversaturated with animated content. Second, it is estimated to make up to 87% of the whole internet traffic in the coming years. Hmmm, it is a cut-throat competition, producing content that is engaging, thrilling, and exciting at the same time is a challenge.

Furthermore, video marketing animated videos can prove to be the best tool in terms of making you stand apart from your competitors.

“Yes, right video animation marketing services put the crown on your head”

To put it simply, in a space of lengthy and boring testimonials and unexciting demonstration videos, video animation can help a great deal to mark your presence. Because of the higher level of creativity of animated videos, they are more likely to be watched, and loved, ultimately helping your business echo in the crowd.

Higher Reach With Video Animation

“Now, everything has the potential to be viral”

This era is all about social media. And, the prompt transfer of information leads to the fact that everything and anything can go viral in a short time. Shortly, you can be seen by millions of people in the shortest time.

In a study done in 2018, it was concluded that social media and videos are the two most favorite activities of internet users.

“The online audience loves creativity”

Indeed, the best and simplest marketing tactic can be, to create and provide what your audience loves. This is a formula that works on everyone and every day. Video animation is something that resonates too well with the audience. 

Of course, when they like something, they share it with their friend and family. 

And your part is done, just give them the content they love, and they will be sharing it, doing your job without even getting paid.

“Animated content is hard to beat”

Why use animated marketing videos?

Since the demand for animated videos is infinite, audiences want to watch the best quality videos regularly. Moreover, no matter what your niche market or target audience is, animated videos win the race of marketing. In fact, video marketers suggest that animated content boosts ROIs like nothing.

Build Harmony With Video Animation

Again, Hubspot figured out that 50% of users prefer videos over other forms of content when it comes to marketing. In addition to this, animated content provides a personal, engaging, and interactive experience that surfs on the tides of expectations of viewers. Specifically, animation assists in conveying a complex message or concept in the most amazing and exciting way with a scoop of creativity. So, the benefits of using video animation are crystal clear now.

Grow Business with Video Animation

Indeed, the growth potential of video animation is amazing and Media One Group offers a complete range of video animation services that can make your brand a hit in moments.

No Reshoots With Video Animation

Adaptation to the changes is the key to being the fittest truly. In terms of being relevant and connective to people, adaptability can take your business far. Moreover, It is highly important that you upgrade your marketing tactics parallel to messaging and other tactics.

High-Cost Effectiveness

Finally, video marketing animated videos turn out to be the best solution in terms of keeping your content fresh and updated. In case, you upgrade the concept of your brand or change your visuals, it is much easier with video animation. The perk you can enjoy is, it is highly cost-effective in comparison to reshooting the entire video.


To wrap it up with a final word, the animation is the most powerful and impactful marketing tool. Since it is an amazing way to connect with your target audience along with higher conversions.

Now, are you prioritizing video animation in your marketing strategy? Feel free to speak to our team now. Further, you can visit our video animation service page to see a clear picture.


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