How to Make your Website more Effective in Boosting Conversions and Lead

Conversion and Leads

The primary motive of all businesses is converting visitors into buyers. They put in all the effort in selecting the product/service and making it one of the finest to get a competitive edge and whatsoever. However, most companies still fail to convert a bigger chunk of customers despite investing heavily in custom web design and development services. Two, obvious reasons for the low conversion rate are not having a well-optimized and functional website and the lack of proper presentation of the brand in front of the right market at the right time. Digital marketing stats suggest that a business can increase sales by 23% on average through the optimum presentation.

The question that must arise in your mind is how you can convert all or at least most of the visitors into leads—–or better yet, customers The answer is some practical steps that must help you to increase organic traffic, leads, and conversion.

Implement an Effective CRO Strategy


CRO or conversion rate optimization is the process of boosting the number of users to take the desired actions on a website. These may include signing up for newsletters, clicking on add to cart, registering for a service, and most importantly making a purchase.

You must start with a CRO planner to get started. It will help you conduct site audits and analyze the areas that need adjustment for the accomplishment of the goals. CRO planners also help you with experimentation and testing.

Some areas of a website that are likely to benefit from CRO strategy are:


A functional web design has a well thought and well-researched home page. It is because digital martyrs are well aware of the critical role that the homepage plays in attracting, retaining, and navigating customers to take action.

A business must take the following steps to optimize its homepage:

  • Add links to products
  • Add a free sign-up button
  • Incorporate a chatbot

Pricing Page

Many website visitors may decide whether to stay or leave based on the pricing page. Your CRO strategy may include

  • Altering the pricing intervals 
  • Outlining the features of the products that go along with each price, 
  • Including a phone number for visitors to call for a price quote, 
  • Including a simple pop-up form, 
  • Offering money-back guarantee or a free trial
  • Highlighting a recommended product.


Of course, a business wants to promote its goods, and blog posts are one of the tools used to encourage readers to make purchases. The magic of content creators happens here to entice readers to click the link or subscribe. Adding calls-to-action (CTA) to an article or asking readers to provide their email addresses in return for an ebook or industry report are common examples of how to do this. Having said that, your content must be consistent, informational, and original.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are mostly the first, and even the only, page of your website that a visitor sees, making them your most effective opportunity to market your products or services. They are inherently geared to encourage users to take action. A fully optimized landing page is quite effective at converting visitors, but one that falls short is a major missed opportunity.

Before optimizing a landing page you must answer these three questions

  • What is bringing visitors to your website?
  • What is stopping them from taking action?
  • And what is encouraging them to take the desired action?

Once you have answers to these questions you can drive your landing page CRO strategy in the right direction. This will even help you in other digital marketing tasks, which is why digital design and development agencies focus on creating landing pages that will entice visitors.

Other tactics to improve conversion rate includes:

Add a Pop-up to your Site

Among other well-known ways to increase conversion rate, adding a pop-up to your site works quite efficiently. The study suggests On average pop-ups offer around a 3% conversion rate which may elevate up to 10% if you do it the right way. 

You can make the most out of your pop-ups if you put a timer on them and provide visible close buttons on your web design. It will present your offer to the customers without distracting and infuriating them, bringing you more sales, and signups.

Compress your Forms

If you have ever filled out an online form, ask yourself if you would like to waste time providing unnecessary information just to sign up for newsletters or register on an eCommerce site before placing an order. Even the thought of doing that scares you, right?

Remove the friction in the process by keeping only the essential fields and seeing the wonder. Your conversion rate will boost exceptionally.

However, getting insufficient information may give you all the leads but your conversion rate will be garbage. Therefore, make sure you place fields that play a critical role in providing you with sufficient information. 

Add Testimonials, Reviews, and Logos

Testimonials and reviews primarily raise conversion rates by fostering greater trust between potential buyers and sellers. 82% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision, according to the evolution of consumer engagement with B2B and B2C businesses. However, there may be more considerations. For instance, they may offer essential data that isn’t otherwise specified on the website. The best part about testimonials is that they frequently highlight topics that are pertinent to your target market. It occurs when a testimonial is properly done without putting words in the client’s mouth and comes from a relevant customer.

Remove Distractions

Everything that does not help you achieve your most desired action is essentially a distraction. for instance

  • Extensive navigations occupy a lot of screen real estate.
  • Fonts and colors that are distracting.
  • Moving pictures
  • More calls to action in colors that stand out.

Henry David Thoreau, the woods guy, once said, “our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” 

Replace “life” with “website” and you will completely relate it to your conversion rate problem. The solution is simple, remove distractions by simplifying the page.

Strengthen your CTAs

When you design a website page your primary motive is to make the visitors click your call-to-action button. 

Your website and landing pages need to have CTAs all over them. This typically indicates that they are understandable and simple to reach.

Each landing page normally contains one call to action that is repeated numerous times throughout the page. For instance, there are three CTAs in a blog article that lead to a single offer: one at the bottom of the page, one that appears in the middle of the page, and one that appears in the introduction.

Final Words

There are a number of other strategies, for improving page speed and optimizing your site for mobile. Only professional design and digital marketing agencies such as Media One Group can guide you about the most relevant conversion strategies. You can begin on your own with CRO strategies. However, we would suggest you contact digital marketing and custom web designing experts at Media One Group to get reliable results.


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