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The Platter App

The Platter App allows you to receive and accept orders through the app. It also aims to help deliver the order to the specified location using Google Maps.

A food delivery app that provides food at your doorstep in no time. This app develops all the famous food cuisines you want. Order food now to get the best food and user experience. This app makes it easier for delivery personnel to get and book orders. It assists in completing the orders promptly and efficiently.

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Features of The Platter App​

The Platter App has a straightforward target, it is an extremely easy and fast-to-use solution. The app looks professional & appealing which makes it stand apart from the usual food delivery apps.

User Profile

A user profile collects the settings and information associated with a user. It is the explicit digital representation of the identity of the user with respect to software applications. The user profile helps in associating characteristics with a user and helps in ascertaining the interactive behavior of the user along with preferences.

Order Feedback

Feedback ratings comprise a five-star rating system and are available to users after an order is delivered and marked as Completed for sellers. Comments made while rating your experience will appear on the seller's page (under Reviews). Once the buyer has added feedback to the order, sellers will get the option to add their feedback.


This app takes action on each notification. With a swipe of a finger, our users can read more about a specific push notification or dismiss it if they want. This app informs the user about wardrobe needs and app-related updates that can be performed with a single click.

Order Tracking

As part of the order status, users would like to view the location and delivery time of their food. We design a map experience for customers to view this information.


When users order food at a specific location, the app finds out their exact location and shows them the exact location of restaurants near them.

Order Presence

This app shows real-time order status updates. Users can easily visualize their order status and presence.

The Design Process

With experience in extensive software development, our team of experts expertly assists in developing a supreme software solution that is successful in meeting the needs of your brand.

The Platter App

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The Platter App has a user-friendly, high-quality, and robust interface, it is an instant sensation. We’ve worked hard to improve a variety of features to boost web traffic. Customers can order their favorite cuisine using the app.

Its ordering method follows a simple and step-by-step procedure. First, it collects the customer's postal details. The information is then processed based on the details of restaurants in the area that offers delivery. In addition to the basic restaurant offers, there are several additional bonus deals that a customer can use when ordering via The Platter App. The restaurants' menus are further divided into subcategories based on the type of food they offer.

The Platter App sends the order details and the customer's contact information to the restaurant if there are any issues with the food delivery.

Phenominal UI/UX Design Guide

The Platter App sends the order details and the customer's contact information to the restaurant if there are any issues with the food delivery.

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