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Medica App is a healthcare app that provides care on-demand and by appointment, for several physical health and mental health issues, via this highly-rated app available on iOS and Android.

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Marketing Automation

As a patient or attendant, you can use Medica 24/7 round the clock for minor health issues and conditions that don’t demand in-person visits to doctor’s clinics or Emergency Physicians. Simply sign into the Medica app or website, and you will be promptly connected to Medical App Network of certified healthcare providers which includes the list of doctors. You can have a video chat regarding your health issues and illnesses. Medica App doctors can answer your queries and concerns, suggest treatments, and order prescriptions if needed.

Point of Sale

Our receipt generation process for online consultations and purchases is simple and easy to use for everyone. Medica is designed to help healthcare practitioners and users handle billing processes, patient consultations, inventory, leads, email marketing, and more. Users can easily manage scheduling and appointments. It also helps in storing patient details such as contact information, addresses, medical history, and consent forms.

Push Notification

Medica is taking action on each notification. With a swipe of your finger, our users can read more about a specific push notification or dismiss it if they want. Our healthcare mobile app informs the user about healthcare and app-related updates that can be performed with a single click. With our push notifications, ask for acceptance or decline to reschedule your appointment with just a click.

Doctors Availibilty

Consult our specialists online today to get the best healthcare possible. Our professional healthcare specialist doctors are available to provide you with the best healthcare services online 24/7 to aid you and your loved ones in the best way possible.

Geo-location & navigation

Medica is integrated with geolocation & navigation tools. With the best navigation services on this app, you can easily get the location details, as well as your location, which can be identified promptly without any hassle.

Online Reports

Our online reporting system is just as prompt as you want. Do not lose your strength and time in picking up your reports. We make the process of online healthcare reports simple and hassle-free with convenience.

Content Management

Medica provides a well-built healthcare Content Management System that is a vital asset for you. We focus on technology that keeps your health data secure.

Convert Data Into Revenue

Are you one of the businesses that simply don’t know what to do with all the data collected about their customers, let alone make a profit from it? We provide business intelligence solutions to move to a go-ahead style of analytics that has the utmost potential to generate revenue.

Medica App

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Engage Mobile Users

We Engage Mobile Users with the best features down below:

Phenomenal UI UX Design for your Medica App

We are all about providing the best UI UX Design possible. User experience plays a vital role in terms of providing healthcare services to patients.

A professional mobile user interface or mobile UI ensures that your mobile app feels and looks the best. It's a connection between your users and the app itself. UI is one of the final phases of app development and an essential part of the user experience.

14 Years of Brilliant Clientale and Good Mobile Application Development

Our decades of excellence in mobile app development add to the upgraded skills and expertise. Get your healthcare mobile app developed today to present your brand with the best digital face and presence

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