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Crafty Buys

Crafty Buys is an eCommerce marketplace forum with innovative, user-friendly, and engaging social features that allow users to sell and buy.

We ascertained that our clients' online businesses thrived and that their users had the best experience possible by providing high-quality eCommerce App Development Services. With our assistance, our client was able to increase their brand awareness and recognition.

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Marketing Automation

The best software platform and technology designed for your business to efficiently market on several channels online, including email, social media, websites, and others. Automate repetitive tasks effectively with Crafty Buys, this increases efficiency and minimizes human error. Marketing Automation platforms can easily be used as a hosted or web-based solution, and no software installation is needed by a client.

A marketing automation platform is used to replace high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.

Scale your lead management activities like coordinating and managing marketing campaigns, both online and offline, supporting and achieving leads suitably to identify if / when it is ready for sales to engage.

Push Notification

Crafty Buys is taking action on each notification. With a swipe of your finger, our users can read more about a specific push notification or dismiss it if they want. This app informs the user about wardrobe needs and app-related updates that can be performed with a single click.


Focused on Goal Funneling with multiple functions. It ensures understanding of the app users' goals and anticipates their needs to increase usability. User-friendliness is provided by: better readability, import and save options, ensuring accessibility, usage of push notifications smartly.

Point of Sale

The receipt generation process for online purchases is easy to use. Crafty Buys is designed to help business owners and users handle billing processes, users’ responses, inventory, leads, email marketing, and more. It helps in storing customers’ details such as contact information, addresses, and preferences.

Geo-location & navigation

Crafty Buys is integrated with geolocation & navigation tools. With the best navigation services on this app, you can easily get the location details, as well as your location, which can be identified promptly without any hassle.

Content Management

The Crafty Buys provides a well-built Content Management System that is a vital asset for you. We focus on technology that keeps your users’ data secure.

Social Networking

This application can easily be used to interact with other users with similar interests.

Convert Data Into Revenue

With experience in extensive software development, our team of experts expertly assists in developing a supreme software solution that is successful in meeting the needs of your brand.

Crafty Buys

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Providing great customer service on mobile is the key to achieving business goals.

Phenomenal UI/UX Design Services that Outperform Customer Trust

Experience having committed UI UX designers, we create attractive user interfaces providing a seamless user experience. These innovative UI/UX design services are built using breakthrough technologies, vital for elevated corporate engagement.

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